The longbow is truly about man extending his (or her) reach. One hour's tuition and this peerless wooden spring will enable you to shoot 160 yards and more !

The evolution of the longbow we shoot today is different from any other bow. Today's longbows have a direct connection with history. Longbow shoots also have that connection, which comes directly from the way the medieval longbow man practiced. Target bows, Victorian bows, Warbows; all are longbows.

The longbow is the base of modern archery and its popularity is on the increase. How did it happen, what was it for, where is it going, how easy is it for you to take up . .


The reference site for the longbow


100 years war

Six battles of the 100-year war re-balance an over-enthusiastic belief in the invincibility of the longbow. Its strengths and weakness are well illustrated by the different outcome of each confrontation.


All related to the longbow

See the main Associations of longbow archers


All traditions

The traditional way to practise shooting in the longbow is directly linked to the way the medieval longbow man did so.


Bowery and Arrow-making

The longbow, its arrows and ancillary equipment is all about natural materials. How to use these natural materials today, but also how they were used in the past and what we can learn from them.



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